Blades of the Righteous, final part

It happens that I’ve done some final tweaking to the game and put it on store:

I don’t feel that it turned out as I have imagined it. Still, I am proud that I got it this far and this has been an amazing experience. The stuff to do next time:

  • Implement mouse controls. Start thinking about it as soon as possible if I ever do this kind of game.
  • Controls matter a lot. There are lots of games with amazing ideas, but the controls just do not feel right.
  • Sound makes a difference: the game became much more livelier once I added the music, and even better after the sound addition to menu key presses.
  • The idea should be simpler. Yes, if you are developing the game alone, you need to pick easier aims and just hone them into perfection.

I will continue fixing critical bugs (if such will be fond) and adjust the game in case I get a lot of feedback.

Here’s the video of level 1 play-through:

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